Recon Jet Sports-Minded Wearable.

Well, Glass isn’t the only player coming to market. A more-sports-related unit (also based on Android), called the ReconJet, is taking pre-orders already. Some interesting differences, including the display being below the normal view, instead of above.



Through the Google Glass

I picked up my Google Glass on September 11, 2013 at the Google offices in NYC. I was a little giddy about getting to visit the offices, and getting the Glass was also pretty cool.

I have to admit, that I am not the biggest fan of using technology on the go, as I think too many people use too much technology too much of the time, and that this has degraded the quality of face to face interactions, especially in kids.

That said, I am excited to try GG for a number of reasons. I’m interested in what it does to social distance, trust, etc., between people in other-wise normal situations. I’m interested in how I would use such a tool if I always had the entire Internet accessible by merely speaking. I’m interested in the game design implications of these types of devices (there are others, such as Epson’s Moverio, and the Meta).

I’ll post some thoughts here over time.

Here are some pictures I took with the device, some of them mirror “selfies”.


Me and my Glass